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Next Dates 2024

April and May. 
Individual retreats.  Alcocer, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Apprenticeship consultations and program begins.  (online)

June 29/30 and then till July 5th. 
Two day or week long event - walking the soul home.  Circle of 12.  Perthshire Scotland.

August 18th-25th. 
Circle of 12.  Walking the Soul Home.  New Hampshire.  U.S.A.

September 14-2nd October. 
The Art of Breathing.  Bolivia.

November 1- 23. 
The Twelve Keys.  Practical Intuitive Shamanic Initiations & Toltec and World Spiritual Traditions.  Centre of the Conscious Dream.  Desert of San Luis Potosi. Mexico.

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Harmonic Resolutions 12
harmonicresolutions12Science, Business, Spirituality and Healing.

Daniel Stone.

What is harmonic resonance? How can this be found amidst what may feel chaotic and stressful? In this book, the number 12 is explored as a pathway to harmonic resonance within all areas of our daily lives. This is a journey through the meaning of numbers and the medicine wheel. For the more analytical and logical thinkers, the harmonic resolutions contained in the number 12 are shown through the exploration of quantum physics, the history and philosophy of science, human biology, geometry, and established colour and music theories. For the more intuitively inclined, the 12 is expressed through poetry, art, and the heart oral traditions of the Americas, with some new Toltec revelations. Both these approaches of the left and right side of the brain are then applied in practise to four different areas of human experience - work, scientific investigation, healing, and the spiritual path.

"A fascinating interdisciplinary and multi dimensional exploration of the symbolism of the number 12 centred on the idea of harmonic vibration and the human quest of harmony." David Lorimer. Editor, Scientific and Medical Network Review.


The Dreamer Who Dreams You
thedreamerwhodreamsyou bookThe Shaman, the Buddha, and the conscious dream
This book is about living consciously. The mind opens through the dreaming body to the elements, trees, rocks; to animals, the human animal, the planet Earth, the stars, the universe. It is like taking a walk: a walk in a world where everything breathes, everything thinks, everything has consciousness. There is no difference between 'man' and 'nature'. All is energy, naturally.

The dream is a central theme in the awakening to this ecstatic reality. The dreamed meets the dreamer like the painting meets the artist. There is an ecstatic dialogue between the creator and the created. They co-create a new dream and dance between time and timelessness to the place of no thought the nirvana of the eastern traditions where we no longer have to speak, because there is no defining the beauty of unity.

Review in Sacred Hoop by Jan Morgan Wood.

Available from Axis mundi books.  Go to the following link -
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Chu-Ra - The Change of Time

churaPublished by Circle press in Mexico and limited compies available only.  this book was chosen to be self-published and was not sent to any publisher for reasons of intent - to hold the honour of the original intent of the writing.  The cost depends on the country you live in.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish for a copy to be sent to you. 


Chu (natural authority) Ra (San/star) is a Toltec teacher of the movement between times.  The narrator discovers the teacher through his dreaming journeys of the night and of the day, described in the first chapters.  The physical location where Chu-Ra is discovered is in the Mexican desert, where the book is based, and from there, this Toltec tradition is connected by the journeys of the narrator with Indonesida (Tibetan Buddhism), Australia (Aboriginal traditions), and London, England, which is the birth place of the author.

The main theme of the book is the change of time.  Working within the present time-changing context during this period of the next twenty years (from the Mayans among others), Chu-Ra teaches the narrator how to move between times, and then return to the present ‘life’.    He teaches how we can be conscious of different time states and build those bridges between times.   He teaches how to be in multi-lives - conscious and multi-dimensional.  This gives very profound information about dying, and about living without fear.  It leads to an understanding of the ecstatic universal vibration under every surface.

Most of the teaching takes place in the mexican desert, and these experiences are grounded and integrated into the personal life of the narrator, as he relates the extraordinary birth of his son (chapter 5), and his work as a painter and teacher.  In this way, the reader gets to sense the links between the unusual and everyday experiences.  A bridge is created between the familiar and the new information which can make sense of the current global and universal transformations and offer serious healing solutions.

This book is neither a work of fiction or anthropology.  It is, as far as is posible for this author, a true account of the author’s work with this important teacher.  This book has taken six years of re-writing to find the right voice.  What is presented is as far as possible an accurate tranlation of Chu-Ra’s information.

cd.  his ceremony is a journey. It is best heard in its entirety. The teachers take us to places in ourselves where we hear our own revelations.”

Daniel Stone

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