Sometimes there are people who need or want to take part in these life changing retreats, and do not have the means to do so. You could sponsor someone from a country in particular or a retreat or programme in particular. Your donation will have a deep impact on the lives of those who are enabled to be part of this work.

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Next Dates 2024

April and May. 
Individual retreats.  Alcocer, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Apprenticeship consultations and program begins.  (online)

June 29/30 and then till July 5th. 
Two day or week long event - walking the soul home.  Circle of 12.  Perthshire Scotland.

August 18th-25th. 
Circle of 12.  Walking the Soul Home.  New Hampshire.  U.S.A.

September 14-2nd October. 
The Art of Breathing.  Bolivia.

November 1- 23. 
The Twelve Keys.  Practical Intuitive Shamanic Initiations & Toltec and World Spiritual Traditions.  Centre of the Conscious Dream.  Desert of San Luis Potosi. Mexico.

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Shamanic and dreaming individual retreats.

Mountain spa, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

from January 15th 2022.

These shamanic and dreaming individual retreats are a series of consultations and healing sessions over a period of one week.  You would stay at a beautiful spa in the mountains just outside San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.  The spa also offers many different extra options including various types of massage, steam and sauna. 

The accommodation is self catering, or you can eat out in one of the many international restaurants in San Miguel. 

The individual retreats can focus on healing, work project vision, seeing, creativity, or all of these.  We would agree a focus and intent together for the time that you spend. 

These are the areas in which we can assist. 

1, Developing your ability to communicate with natural energy resources so that you can utilise the free energies that are in your environment.

2. Developing your creative fire.  We can do this with specific creative projects if required. 

3. Developing your healing abilities.  This can be for self-healing, or healing in a professional capacity.  If you are already a professional healer, we look at ways in which you can develop the tools that you are already using from the various perspectives of Universal Shamanism.  These sessions can also be taken as part of the Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training Programme.

4. Clarifying your business plan or project.  In particular, we look at the four stages of the business model –

The initial vision

The affirmation that the vision is both viable and also confirmation of your commitment to the vision.

The manifestation of the vision.

The renewal of the vision.

This model works in all types of businesses, or professional contexts.

5. Developing the ability to see energies.

6. Developing the ability to make the links between the dream of the night and the dream of the day.

The actual nature of the consultations depend on your objective, if it is based on business, creativity, or healing.  The consultation could be entirely verbal, or reflection and supervision of a creative practise, or healing sessions - you would choose.  Here is a description of a healing session. 


These sessions use sound (voice, flute, drum, bells etc.) to make a soundbath in which the participants relaxes and releases from the energetic bodies (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual).  Also subtle massage is used together with other shamanic healing techniques with the agreement of the participant.  The objective of the session is to relax the different energetic bodies and find balance, and for the participant to connect with their spiritual guides in whatever form (human, elemental, animal, tree, rock, colour, abstract form, feeling).  When the body relaxes, it is possible to connect with one’s own divinity, the creative energy and inspiration.

At the end of the sessions, a series of practises will be given, many of them outside in nature.  These practises are a very important part of the retreat as this is when the deepest healing and learning will take place.  For this reason the sessions are spaced out during the week to give you a lot of space to experience your practises. 

Daniel Stone has the ability to ‘see’ into the dreaming body, and this is very useful to receive information.  Metaphorically it is like the participant is a sculpture, and the participant is seeing the sculpture (him or herself) from one side, and Daniel Stone is seeing from the other side, for from below or above – the parts that the participant cannot see so easily.  The information that Daniel looks for is information that can help the participant in their healing, develop their creative fire, their ability to make clear decisions, and to develop their relation with their higher self (or spirit guides/divinity/creator within).

Sessions usually last one and a quarter hours, although they can be a little more at times.  

Accommodation.  (You also have the option to choose your own accommodation.)

The accommodation is a large special room with your own bathroom and access to cooking facilities.  You also have access to the grounds of the spa which include yoga and exercise areas, a healing garden, outside roof spaces and patios.  You will be free to walk in the hills and the mountains.  There is a plaza with main shops and supermarket 10 minutes in a taxi, and the centre of San Miguel Allende is 20 minutes in taxi.  There are healing packages available. 

Cost.US$1200 which includes consultations and accommodation.

Here are the additional spa treatments and costs. 

Turkish bath with ozone shower.  $65-sauna $300 por persona

-jacuzzi $20 por persona.

Body wraps.  Clay $30  Marine algae.  -Envolturas corporales $35.  Coffee. $45.  Chocolate.  $45.  Collagen $60

Masage.  Relaxing.  $35.  Profound.  $40.  Cyropractic.  $40.  Relexology.  $30. 

Facial cleanse.  $30.Limpiezas faciales : $600

Bioki bed.  $15

Magnetic bed.  $20

Inverted bed.  $10.

-Aromatherapy.  $10.

Contrast bathing.  $30.-

Ozone bathing.  $10. -

Coffee enemas.  $20

Pyramid energy.  $10

The retreat is being presented by Centre of the Conscious Dream although it is not in the desert site. 

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