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September 28,29
Colorado,  Pueblo.  Crystalline consciousness initiation.

October 7, 8
Colorado, Boulder.   Soul Healing.  12.  Harmonic resolutions.  

October 31st.
Two or three weeks.  Mexico desert.  Toltec universal solutions.  Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training.  

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There are events in Colorado in August 2017 in Pueblo and Boulder.  

Pueblo Wed August 2 (6 pm to 8:30 pm) will be free talk at the Library

Pueblo  Friday August 4 (6:30 to 9:00 pm)  Concert.

Pueblo  Saturday  5 (2pm-4:00 pm)  Presentation to Yoga School  

Boulder, 19-21.  Three day retreat, Your crystalline intelligence.

Pueblo 26, 27.  Mountain retreat.  

For the Pueblo event please contact Angelina.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Bolder events, Rebecca.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or contact Daniel Stone This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training.
Harmonic vibration - Ceremonies of initiation into your crystalline intelligence (inner crystal skull).
Taos.  New Mexico.  July 20-22.
 The idea of harmonic vibration is not new.  Every musician attempts to achieve it.  Every painter attempts to achieve it.  Every dancer, film maker, writer attempts to achieve it.  A politician would like to achieve it, as would a business person.  We would all like to live in harmony.
When you look at the world around you, the idea of living in harmony may seem a long way away. There may be some sceptical reactions to the idea that living in harmony is within our grasp.  It may seem like a romantic notion, a pop song from the seventies, a film to take you out of the ‘real’ world.
However, if you enter into all the major religions, there is always a root of the creation stories that talks of a harmonic vibration from which we came.  The Jews, the Christians as well as Islam have the Garden of Eden.  The Buddhists have Dharmakaya, Hindus refer to the time of Shiva and Shakti, and also there is the blissful memory of Krishna.  Shamanic traditions sing of our relations with the stars, from where we came. Many shamanic traditions sing of a dreamtime in which we had an on-going dialogue with the universe.  Harmony is a root memory at the base of our collective unconscious.  We know it existed.  We know it can exist.  It is just that at times it seems so far away.
So how do we get it back?  Our crystalline intelligence reminds us of our harmonic inheritance.
The myths of the crystal skulls can be found in the oral traditions of the Mayans, North American Indians, Australian Aboriginal, Celtic lore and Tibetan Buddhism.  In the Mayan tradition, the skulls were formed in the journey between the star and the earth.  They bring the intelligence of our ancestors in the sky, so they were used in dreaming ‘councils’ to open to the deeper wisdom.  This deeper wisdom gave information or reminders of the reason why humans are in relation with the planet earth and with the universe, and the human place and role in the great cosmic dance.
There is a reoccurring legend of the twelve crystal skulls which when brought together create a powerful ‘dreaming’ unit capable of seeing through time and changing the course of history.  The most powerful function of the twelve crystal skulls is their connection with the original twelve dreamers who dreamed the universe.  This original seed of twelve are frequencies that vibrate at the edge of time.   They have the power of transforming no time to time.  They are the bridge between nothing and something.  The original 12 dream the universe from the place of harmonic relation with each other. 
The level of harmonic vibration of the original seed of twelve channelled by the twelve crystal skulls is said to be the experience of sustained orgasm.  Bliss.  Constant creative movement.
In this ceremony we are opening to the vibration of the crystal skull.  It is not necessary to have or to bring the physical object as these vibrations are accessible using only our power of intent.  Our crystalline intelligence is encoded in our DNA.
We are opening to our ability to listen to the earth and to listen to the sky.  This will give us profound information about ourselves and our place on this planet.  It will open the door for a sustained evolving relation with your deeper self which will lead to a greater consciousness in your everyday life.  This ceremony will be an aid to your healing, for healing others, and for developing the clarity and efficiency of your personal and professional lives.
We are opening to seed consciousness.  Our contact with the twelve gives us access to the root of our thought-forms which created our habits.  This gives us the power of deep change.
It is the intent of this circle to feel the open heart of the planet Earth.  Touching the heart centre of the planet will rekindle in our own memory the SACRED CONTRACT we have with the Earth and with the universe.  The Sacred Contract makes complete sense of the human role and place in the universal dance.  It enables us to understand how our personal healing is so interconnected with planetary healing and indeed universal healing.
The activities in this event are meditation, subtle movement, individual self healing ceremonies with yourself or with elements on the land, fire ceremony and temple ceremony.  
Programme:  (The exact order written here may be changed during the event)
Saturday.                 Opening of the Mayan medicine wheel.  Cleansing preparation of the dreaming body through sound healing ceremony (channelled voice, flute, drum, bells.)
                            Subtle movement - the physical body and the dreaming body.
                             Meditations and practises to open the physical body to safely receive and translate other vibrational frequencies – elements, trees, rocks, animals, humans, colours, planetary, stellar.  Expanding the dreaming body.
                             Fire ceremony.
 Sunday.               Connection with our crystalline intelligence - the inner crystal skull.
                            Ceremony of connection with the Sacred Contract.
                            Earth heart and Human heart integration.
Monday.                 Dreaming the future.
                              Connection with our seed consciousness.
                              Time travel.
                              Alignment of human and planetary dream lines.
                              The microcosm and the macrocosm – relation to our day to day lives.
This three day series of practices and ceremonies can be taken individually or as part of the Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training.  This training is a two year programme run by the Centre of the Conscious Dream in Mexico and the  The Worldwide Institute of Shamanic Dreaming and Meditation in the US.  It involves various facilitators, ongoing one to one supervision and further courses.  For information, please contact the facilitator.  
 Daniel Stone has been giving this initiation for 16 years.  In 2000 he established the Centre of the Conscious Dream in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He develops conscious dreaming circles in worldwide.  He is author of 'The dreamer who dreams you (axis-mundi press) and ‘The change of time’ (circle).  He is an international exhibiting artist and performing musician.
Preparation.  For this retreat, you are required to read The Dreamer Who Dreams You by Daniel Stone published by Axis-mundi press, part of the John Hunt Publishing Group, available through Amazon or any bookshop.
Costs.  The retreat is for three days starting on Saturday 20th July at 10am.  Monday 22nd at 6pm.  The cost is 250 dollars.

Location - Living Earth Garden in Taos, NM - 2 miles west of Taos Plaza.

Information - 

   To contact to the facilitator of this event, email Daniel Stone  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

To talk with the organisers of this event, Contact Nyna at - 


314 G Paseo del Pueblo Norte

Taos, NM

The event is non-residential, but if you are coming from outside Taos, we can organise accomodation for you.