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Next Dates 2024

April and May. 
Individual retreats.  Alcocer, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Apprenticeship consultations and program begins.  (online)

June 29/30 and then till July 5th. 
Two day or week long event - walking the soul home.  Circle of 12.  Perthshire Scotland.

August 18th-25th. 
Circle of 12.  Walking the Soul Home.  New Hampshire.  U.S.A.

September 14-2nd October. 
The Art of Breathing.  Bolivia.

November 1- 23. 
The Twelve Keys.  Practical Intuitive Shamanic Initiations & Toltec and World Spiritual Traditions.  Centre of the Conscious Dream.  Desert of San Luis Potosi. Mexico.

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Walking the soul home

Circle of 12

New Hampshire 18-25 August 2024

We are working first of all with the body as a channel of your own soul.  The soul passes through the life of this human body and many interferences prevent the body from being this clear channel for the soul’s journey home. Many souls do not pass through the human life but get caught in unresolved karma from their soul experience that they came here to resolve.  This unresolved karma of their human blood as well as cultural and societal interferences requires many repetitions of lives to resolve.  We are focusing in the first two days on how to open the body as a channel and how to let go of the blocks which prevent us being an open channel for our own soul, looking to find the karmic resolutions still to be seen.   This will entail opening to extending our dreaming bodies into both future and past stages of our soul journey, and learning how to release repeated memories we still hold in our physical form.

When the body is a channel for your soul, the soul can find its way home, and we are intending to experience the soul arrival whilst we are still in our human body, the deepest sense of homecoming.

Meditation.  Subtle Movement.  Ceremony.  Sound healing.

We then move onto opening the body as a channel for souls.  This is an act of service.   There are many souls who are lost, disembodied and confused.    The channels we make in the body, particularly in the ceremonial spaces we share, provide an opening and a calling for these souls to pass through and find their way home.

Walking the souls home.

This then opens us to be able to experience the natural vortices such as the mountains and hills in Perthshire as a channel of souls, and not only human souls. We will open our human channel to the Earth channel and together breathe together the passage of times.  In this way we will be able to connect with this planetary body and both witness and assist in the fluid relation between civilisations from stars to earth and from earth to stars.

Walking the Earth home.

In order to achieve this work as a useful channel, we will need to change perspective of our seeing.  We will be looking and walking from the place of our star and of the stars from which we came and from which our essence is projected.  Breathing from the star.  This is a radical shift in the way we see ourselves and the way in which we see.

Walking the stars home.

The Circle of 12
The circle of 12 is a channelling circle.  We are gathering as a circle for the channelling of the 12 opens portals. The work is for you, that is, the members of the circle, but it is also for this planet, and for consciousness. We work both inside and outside, on sacred sites and with each other. The relationship between circle members is important so there is some work also in listening to the tones of the other 11, and feeling or seeing their tone (colour and sound) in relation to ours. Harmonic resolution is our intent, and when we achieve this, we become very useful channels for the universe. The circle has many functions -

 - healing of the members of the circle,
 - healing of the place where we are dreaming
 - healing of the culture and society
-  opening up channels for the release of trapped souls
- re-activating old vortices, for example stone circles
- space and energy clearance
-  opening time lines for the movements of souls
- facilitating the communication between the star and the earth
- re-connecting civilisations of the sky with this crystal rock planet.

Sometimes we work with specific issues that arise from the dreaming during the week, and there is always deep listening to sense where the movement of the circle should be going.

The circle essentially has a job to do. Its function is to channel the principle of the 12 original dreamers who dreamed the universe. The work is based on the world-wide traditions of the crystalline intelligence. The North American Indians have the tradition of the 12 dreamers who meet to connect with the 12 grandmother dreamers who dream from their position in the sky (stars). Their dreaming utilized also the crystal skulls to connect with the grandmothers. The Mayans have the tradition of the 12 crystal skulls, which when brought together, change the angle and vibration of the earth axis. The Australian Aboriginals also have this information in their mythology. Related to these traditions are in Japanese mythology, the 12 Gods create from the place of their celestial chairs on the 12 clouds, and in Vedic traditions, the hearts chakra is made of 12 petals.

The heart chakra is the means through which we open to the 12 original seeds of consciousness. The twelve are the means through which the unconditional transforms into the conditional. This unconditional energy, being free from the constrictions of both time and form, holds pure potential. This potential, sometimes called the seeds of change, when managed consciously, can bring fundamental healing. It is also the wave behind the creative movement. The circle of 12 dreamers develop themselves and their relation with each other on a subtle energetic level so that they are in the position to channel the unconditional for themselves as individuals, for the circle, for the land where they work, their culture, for humanity in general, for the planet earth, and for consciousness.

The facilitator creates spaces, particularly using sound and colour, in which the dreaming body can open up to these expanded states of seed consciousness. There are also specific ceremonies with the inner crystal skull in which the human has the potential to access the crystalline grid in the planet earth, and through this crystal clarity, the power in mind to connect with the 12 universal dreamers, breathers, seers.

The repercussions for this work for the individual is to develop a deeper understanding of harmonic resonance in their being, to develop their capacity as a seer. (The sight of the visionary is a metaphor. ‘Seeing’ can also include feeling, sensing and thinking.) This will help their healing abilities and their creative functions. There are also repercussions for the earth and for the sky, as in essence, the work enables the double-headed univeral serpent (quetzalcoatl) to breathe into the planetary and human bodies, and this unconditional breath when brought into consciousness is a natural cause of change and movement towards a deeper level of conscious being.

Ceremony (inside and outside)  Meditations.  Movement.  Creative expression.
During the week we will be travelling most days to outside energy power points in nature.
US$1495 Shred room
US$1270 Camping space in the ground with all facilities of the house.  
Single accommodation may also be available at b&b nearby.
For more information, email Daniel Stone
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


September 28, 29. Pueblo, Colorado. Crystalline intelligence initiation. Your inner crystal skull.
(please check with Angelina also for other smaller events like concerts and smaller workshops nearer the time)

3, 5, 6, 7 October. Concert and 2 or three day event. Soul Healing. 12. Harmonic Resolutions. (Scroll down for this info)

This from Angelina in Pueblo.

The open-hearted centre of the Earth
Our crystalline intelligence

In Rye, CO September 28 and 29, 2019
at San Isabel Retreat Center
Begins at 10:10 am on Saturday and ends Sunday evening at 7:07 pm time and activities will be fluid through the event

Cost $222 if staying on site
or $200 if staying off site
Healthy, organic, vegan options will be provided at every meal.

Please see this description for the Crystalline Intelligence experience in the words of Daniel Stone.

In this circle, specific meditation, visualization, movement and sound projection practices are given to open 'The Dreaming Body'. The Dreaming Body is the means through which the human intelligence extends itself from the physical body to 'touch' other intelligence - the elements, trees, rocks, animals, the human animal, and the planetary intelligence. Specifically, the dreaming body is guided and directed to extend into the crystalline centre of the planet. It is here that we connect with our crystalline intelligence - the inner crystal skull.

Our crystalline intelligence is encoded in our DNA. It allows us to experience the link between the earth, planetary, stellar and other conscious energies. It will open us to the context of the individual, the group, the earth, and in particular London, and Island of Britain in the universal dance in this time and this space.

It is the intent of this circle to feel the open heart of the planet Earth. Touching the heart centre of the planet will rekindle in our own memory the SACRED CONTRACT we have with the Earth and with the universe. The Sacred Contract makes complete sense of the human role and place in the universal dance.

Allowing our dreaming bodies to rest in our crystalline inheritance gives that feeling of home and deep inner knowing. The healing of this experience is through the letting go of the memories which have prevented our heart expansion to this level of trust. It is possible for the human to love unconditionally, and to be loved unconditionally. This is our birthrite.

The traditions and shamanic roots of this important ceremony will be explained, together with its relevance for individual, earth and universal healing. Further to this event, if you choose to, there is an ongoing circle that meets at new moon each month, and connect via an internet group site. This circle consists of groups and individuals in different countries, linking the languages of their part of the Earth body.

We invite you to join this initiate circle in June devoted to listening to the changing patterns of the Earth, and to follow the authentic response of the human healer in the universal dance.

Programme: (The exact order written here may be changed during the event)

Saturday 10:10 am arrive
* Opening of the Mayan medicine wheel.

* Cleansing preparation of the dreaming body through sound healing

ceremony (channelled voice, flute, drum, bells.)

Subtle movement - the physical body and the dreaming body.
*Meditations and practises to open the physical body to safely receive and translate other vibrational frequencies – elements, trees, rocks animals, humans, colours, planetary, stellar. Expanding the dreaming body.

* Connection with our crystalline intelligence - the inner crystal skull.
Ceremony of connection with the Sacred Contract.
Earth heart and Human heart integration.

Sunday Dreaming the future.
Time travel.
Alignment of human and planetary dream lines.
Opening to the sensibility of Destiny.
Closing between 6:00 and 7:00 pm
The times are more fluid once we arrive. The end time will not go later that 7:00 pm on Sunday unless agreed upon by all attendees.

cell service does not work well in this area, please be ready to unplug for 48 hours.

I participated with this event more than once and would simply say it is a profound meditation experience for the initiation. In addition it is an invitation to a global community of conscious dreamers who continue the practice at the new moon and share on Facebook. If you are interested in a deeper communication with self through Earth guidance this initiation offers valuable practices that will facilitate that journey. Since I was initiated in 2016, my life has changed as I am learning how to let my heart be my guide. I discover everyday the many ways we are guided, supported and connected. I am happy to answer any questions and offer support in any way I can.

With Love,
Angelina Perez ??✨??? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From Rebecca in Boulder

I'm so excited to announce that Daniel Stone, a wonderful shaman who travels the world teaching will be here in Boulder, CO again! The last time he was here teaching us how to communicate with trees and opening gateways to release souls back to the light was absolutely the best part of my year. I so appreciate his heart, true connection to Source and the spirits of the earth as well as his sense of humor:) Thursday eve Daniel will be offering an exquisite shamanic sound ceremony in which he connects with deep love and reverence to the spirits of the earth. It is truly beautiful!

Thursday eve is the shamanic sound ceremony,
Saturday and Sunday will be the 2-day Toltec Healing of the Embodied Soul workshop
and Monday is a Crystalline Skull initiation, an additional and beautiful option.

The Thurs eve Sound Ceremony:
Shamanic Sound Ceremony/Concert. Song of the sky, song of the Earth. Songs, drum, flute, bells, rattles, gongs. Ceremony of the four winds, the guardians of the four directions. Calling in healing help from the sky to enter into the Earth and into our human bodies. The Earth healing is the human healing. We call to the universe to remember the harmonic vibration from which we were created. We listen to the Earth like we listen to our bodies. We hear the wounds and we hear the healing song. Opening to this time within times, seeing the perspective of this within lives, the fabric of the universe teaches us to dream our future.

Sat-Sun: Toltec Healing of the Embodied Soul

In this two day event, we chart the journey of your soul from its beginning in your star through its movement through times and spaces, its entrance through our sun and into our present body, and its continuing journey when our body dies. We look at why your soul came into your body, with what karma to resolve, what contract with your tribe. We look at the relation between your soul and your present spirit of this life time, why it is you entered into the particular parents that you chose, and what happens when you as a person wake up to your soul contract.

We do all this through a journey through numbers 0 to 12 and the medicine wheel. The course includes seminars on the meaning of numbers, teachings from world traditions with particular emphasis on new Toltec revelations. References are made to science, your work, your spirituality, your body so that there is a balanced view between the left and right sides of the brain - the rational and the intuitive. There will also be particular practices of breath awareness, subtle movement, colour expression (no experience needed) and the conscious use of intent. There will also be a lot of experiential practices on the relation between your soul and your physical body. Sound healing will also be integrated into these two days.
(Reference Daniel's book - Harmonic Resolutions)

Monday's Third Day Option: Crystalline Skull Initiation

Our Crystalline Intelligence, (Inner crystal skull). Crystal skull Ceremony. For people new to this work, it is necessary to come for the two previous days as well. For people who have already attended workshops with Daniel on Crystalline Intelligence, it is possible to just do Monday 22nd. The myth of the crystal skulls can be found in the oral traditions of the Mayans, North Americans, Australian Aboriginal, Celtic lore and Tibetan Buddhism. In the Mayan tradition, the skulls were formed between the star and the earth, to bring the intelligence of our ancestors in the sky used in dreaming councils, to enable opening to the deeper ancestral wisdom, the human role in the great cosmic dance. The Dreaming Body is the means through which the human intelligence extends itself from the physical body to 'touch' other intelligences – the elements, trees, rocks, animals, planetary intelligence. The dreaming Body is guided and directed to extend into the crystalline centre of the planet. Here we connect with our crystalline intelligence, the inner crystal skull. The intent is to feel the open heart of the planet, a feeling of home, and of a deep inner knowing. The ceremony of the Crystal Skull is an aid to personal healing, healing for others, and for developing clarity and efficiency in our personal and professional lives, and enabling us to understand how interconnected this is with planetary healing and indeed, universal healing.

I first met Daniel quite serendipitously in Mexico, buying a necklace and asking the vendor over and over again if he knew where I could find a shaman. I asked in every way I could but the artist couldn't understand me. All of a sudden a woman grabbed my arm and said "He's here across the street, come with me now!" And surely enough, Daniel was across the street about to perform his sound ceremony! It’s been quite a beautiful discovery from then on:)

Here are a few links to help you get to know Daniel more:

His website:

An interview i like- not the interviewer but Daniel is great:)

Some of his music and video:

Some of his posts that I love:

Daniel Stone since 2000 has built and directed a retreat centre in the desert of San Luis Potosi in Mexico. He also runs workshops and retreat in Europe and the U.S. as well as being a consultant to businesses and schools. He is a practising artist and musician and has had gallery exhibitions and concerts staged worldwide. His published books include 'The Dreamer who Dreams You' (Axis mundi) and 'Harmonic Resolutions - 12. Science, Business, Spirituality and Healing.' (Circle).

To book, and more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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