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July 1-8.  The dreaming body and the Circle of 12.  Perthshire.  Scotland.
July 21 - October 15th.  Individual retreats.  Mexico.
November 4-24.  Mexico desert retreat.

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 The Dreaming body, the crystalline seed, and the circle of 12 in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland. two, three and seven day options July 1-8th 2023.

The dreaming body.

Two days July 1,2

The dreaming body is a Toltec term, but it is also related to the Australian Aboriginal tradition and Tibetan Budhism (Bon shamanism). The dreaming body is the means through which we extend from the
physical body and communicate with all other energies – the elements, trees, rocks, animals, other humans, the planet earth, sun, moon, stars, universe. There is no limit to how far the dreaming body can extend, and unlike the physical body, it can change
form to adapt into all times and spaces. When we have conscious control over our dreaming body, we have conscious control over our creative and healing potentials. We have the perspective to make informed decisions, and we are in the position to make major
intuitive steps in our lives with the assurance of a deep inner knowing.


The dreaming body operates 24 hours, day and night. Life as a continuous dream of the One Mind, to use a Buddhist term. On touching the highest creative intelligence, we wake up in the dream of our lives
and become the co-creators with the same divine intellgience that created us. To access this level of luminosity, we look at the fluid relation between the dream of the night and the dream of the day. We also look at how to perceive the crystalline clarity
present in the languages of our dreaming body that are expressed through all our senses.

Waking up in the dream of your life.

In the first two days of this event, we look at how we understand the messages that are coming to us in the dream of the night and the dream of the day. We look not only on analysing or interpreting
these dreams, but also the way in which we can read them instantly, energetically, intuitively, without the intervention of the mind, As such, the way we respond to these messages is not only to think, but also to move.

A dance in the dream of your life.

These messages bring essential information about our personal daily life and how our lives are influenced by our culture, our planet and the cosmos. We will find useful information about our work, our
relationships, our home, and our healing. Most importantly through listening to our dreaming we can feel the journey of our soul and the reason that we came to this planet and this body.

During the weekend there will be seminars, meditation, movement, practises in nature and ceremony.

Cost. £200

Day three. The Crystal Seed. July 1-3.

In the universal sacred dance, creation is generated by the union of the male and female principles. We open to this creative cosmic ceremony in our human conscious body.
A space is made where you can go to the place of the star, the initiation of your place in conscious, the root of your soul. From your star, the masculine principle of projection into time and space. You chart your journey through the universe. The body opens to the feminine principle of reception. The body receives the star, and in particular the heart breathes from the place of the star. From our human heart, we generate again the masculine principle of projection into the planet earth, and in its centre, we connect with the crystal seed. Your star, when it touches the crystal seed, awakens your crystal skull, and opens your mind to your connection with this planet, The union of the male and the female principles takes place inside of you, inside of the planet, and generates the possibility and impossibility of your infinite soul in your finite body. From here, you, aligned with this planet, dream the future.

This day is an initiation into your own crystalline intelligence. The history and lineage of this ceremony is explained as are the doorways that are opened to the Conscious Dreamer of the day and of the night.
Three days. Cost. £300 includes copy of the book Harmonic Resolutions.

The dreaming circle of 12.

July 1-8.

The circle of 12 is a channelling circle and the channelling of the 12 opens portals. The work is for you, that is, the members of the circle, but it is also for this planet, and for consciousness. We work both inside and outside, on sacred sites and with each other. The relationship between circle members is important so there is some work also in listening to the tones of the other 11, and feeling or seeing their tone (colour and sound) in relation to ours. Harmonic resolution is our intent, and when we achieve this, we become very useful channels for the universe. The circle has many functions - healing of the members of the circle, healing of the place where we are dreaming, healing of the culture and society, opening up channels for the release of trapped souls, re-activating old vortices, for example stone circles, space and energy clearance. opening time lines for the movements of souls, facilitating the communication between the star and the earth, re-connecting civilisations of the sky with this crystal rock planet. Sometimes we work with specific issues that arise from the dreaming during the week, and there is always deep listening to sense where the movement of the circle should be going.

The circle essentially has a job to do. Its function is to channel the principle of the 12 original dreamers who dreamed the universe. The work is based on the world-wide traditions of the crystalline intelligence. The North American Indians have the tradition of the 12 dreamers who meet to connect with the 12 grandmother dreamers who dream from their position in the sky (stars). Their dreaming utilized also the crystal skulls to connect with the grandmothers. The Mayans have the tradition of the 12 crystal skulls, which when brought together, change the angle and vibration of the earth axis. The Australian Aboriginals also have this information in their mythology. Related to these traditions are in Japanese mythology, the 12 Gods create from the place of their celestial chairs on the 12 clouds, and in Vedic traditions, the hearts chakra is made of 12 petals.

The heart chakra is the means through which we open to the 12 original seeds of consciousness. The twelve are the means through which the unconditional transforms into the conditional. This unconditional
energy, being free from the constrictions of both time and form, holds pure potential. This potential, sometimes called the seeds of change, when managed consciously, can bring fundamental healing. It is also the wave behind the creative movement. The circle of 12 dreamers develop themselves and their relation with each other on a subtle energetic level so that they are in the position to channel the unconditional for themselves as individuals, for the circle, for the land where they work, their culture, for humanity in general, for the planet earth, and for consciousness.

The facilitator creates spaces, particularly using sound and colour, in which the dreaming body can open up to these expanded states of seed consciousness. There are also specific ceremonies with the
inner crystal skull in which the human has the potential to access the crystalline grid in the planet earth, and through this crystal clarity, the power in mind to connect with the 12 universal dreamers, breathers, seers.

The repercussions for this work for the individual is to develop a deeper understanding of harmonic resonance in their being, to develop their capacity as a seer. (The sight of the visionary is a metaphor.
‘Seeing’ can also include feeling, sensing and thinking.) This will help their healing abilities and their creative functions. There are also repercussions for the earth and for the sky, as in essence, the work enables the double-headed univeral serpent (quetzalcoatl) to breathe into the planetary and human bodies, and this unconditional breath when brought into consciousness is a natural cause of change and movement towards a deeper level of conscious being.

Cost. £490 includes copy of Harmonic Resolutions.

To reserve your place and for more information please write to Tessa Ingleby This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.