Course Dates

Course Dates

Practical Intuitive Shamanic Initiations: Oct 31st-Nov 20th

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

A conscious approach to business coaching

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Next Dates

July 1-8.  The dreaming body and the Circle of 12.  Perthshire.  Scotland.
July 21 - October 15th.  Individual retreats.  Mexico.
November 4-24.  Mexico desert retreat.

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Shamanic Retreats, spiritual teachings at the centre of the conscious dream in the Mexico desert

You are invited to book a shamanic retreat in Mexico and online at The Centre of the Conscious dream.  It was founded in 2000 and It is at the end of the Wirrikuta pilgrimage route in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. We offer two or three-week shamanic retreats that bring together Toltec, world shamanic, Buddhist and other world spiritual traditions. The retreats offer a chance to make space for your mind, your body, your heart, and your soul. The practical intuitive experiences can be applied to the worlds of healing, spirituality, work, creativity and personal development. If wanted, the retreats are given as part of ongoing training.

meditation centreThe centre was built to make space. Space for the mind, space for the heart, space to dream. We are on a high plane and there are expansive mountain views in all directions. Many of the teachings are outside in the desert where you can walk freely in any direction. The biggest teachers here are the mountain, the earth, the sun and the sky. At night the stars teach. It is our quest to help you connect with the big teachers, to develop your creative vision, your healing skills, and your clarity.

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All of the buildings are made of adobe. The dreaming domes are designed for the teachings that can take place in your sleep.

The earth embraces you and teaches you through your dreams. Here Is a video of the centre.

Shamanic online training courses, creativity and conscious dreaming (Online courses available)

danielstone meditationIf you learn how to be more conscious in the dream of your life, how to relate to different natural energies around you, release emotional and psychological baggage, develop healing skills for yourself and others, and renew your creative fire then sign up to ou online shamanic courses.

We also offer shorter events in Europe, the United States and Mexico as well as journeys to Bolivia. Circles of 12 are presently active in the U.K. Lithuania, Spain, Mexico and Colorado.

Our Current available Online Shamanic Training Courses are:

  1. The Working Shaman Online Internet Course: Toltec and World Spiritual Resolutions to Everyday Problems.View Course Details
  2. The Path of the Conscious Dreamer: The Working Shaman. View Course Details

Centre of the conscious dream – shamanic training courses, creativity and conscious dreaming in Mexico, EuropeAmerica, Bolivia and Australia

What is a conscious dreamer?
In the dream of your life, a conscious dream is when you wake up, at night or in the day.  It is the moment when you realise you have relation and dialogue with every type of space – material and immaterial.  This is the moment when you meet the author of the book of your life.  When you wake up in the dream of your life, you become the co-creator of your own dream.

Who is a shaman?
You are.  We are all potential shamans and we all have the ability to remember this ancient wisdom which is in the cellular memory of our own bodies.  This ancient knowledge reminds us of why we are here, where we have come from, who we are, and where we are going.  It enables us to find space in the mind, clarity of vision, self-healing, the ability to heal others, and our true artist within.

What is a shaman?
A shaman is someone who relates not only to the human world but also the worlds of the elements, trees and plants, rocks, animals, the planet earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe.  Through these relations of times and spaces, the shaman finds whole balance, truth, healing, clarity and artistic expression.

Who are we?
We are a group of English and Mexican indigenous Toltec facilitators committed to developing ourselves as useful channels for the earth and for the sky.  By doing so, we endeavour to create sacred spaces in which you re-connect with your ancient wisdom, and wake up in the dream of your life.