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Next Dates 2024

April and May. 
Individual retreats.  Alcocer, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Apprenticeship consultations and program begins.  (online)

June 29/30 and then till July 5th. 
Two day or week long event - walking the soul home.  Circle of 12.  Perthshire Scotland.

August 18th-25th. 
Circle of 12.  Walking the Soul Home.  New Hampshire.  U.S.A.

September 14-2nd October. 
The Art of Breathing.  Bolivia.

November 1- 23. 
The Twelve Keys.  Practical Intuitive Shamanic Initiations & Toltec and World Spiritual Traditions.  Centre of the Conscious Dream.  Desert of San Luis Potosi. Mexico.

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The Working Shaman Online Internet Course

Toltec and World Spiritual Resolutions to Everyday Problems.

This online shamanic teaching course can be taken on its own or as the first part of the Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training.

The Toltec traditions come from Central America. The essential principle of the traditions are that everything is interconnected. The powers of healing, of vision and of creativity come from energies around us and inside of us with which we can be in constant communication.  By learning how to communicate with elemental, animal, mineral, plant, human, earth planetary and solar forces, we have the possibilities to use these skilful energies in our everyday lives through decision making, focus, strength, clear vision, creative expression, our own healing, and the healing of others.

In this online shamanic training course, we bring the spiritual to the practical.  We look at the principles of power, of healing, of seeing and of creativity and use practices that can develop a conscious transformation in the way we manage our work, our relationships, our homes and our play.  Very practical techniques and ceremonies are given which are designed to help develop your intuitive inner wisdom so that you can move, heal, express and decide with clarity. We are looking for the place of no doubt. The instinctive intuitive senses are something to learn and develop. There is a place in all of us without question, and from this place there is knowledge - practical, useful, powerful, meaningful.

Six monthly sessions description.

  • Breath Creating space in the mind.  Making clear decisions.  Insight.  Intuitive knowing.
  • Intent.  What is intent?  How can it be developed?  How is it so potent, and how can it be directed?
  • The Elemental Forces. Air, fire, earth and water.  The four powers.  How can we merge with these natural powers in our own bodies and in our own world?  How can we develop balance between Air - mind, Fire - spirit, Earth – body, and Water – emotion?  How do we discover our imbalances and how do we correct them?  What would it be like to live in balance?  How do we walk in balance, work in balance, and create in balance?
  • Trees. Clarity of vision. The difference between imagination and information.  The difference between mental interference and intuitive sight.  Clearing the channels of interference and mental chatter.  Developing the ability to see through what is not true.    Gently opening the doors of perception.
  • Rocks.  We learn how to read the memory held in stones.  This will help us to read the memory held in our bones. We identify our own memories held, repeated emotional and mental habits, like time traps. We then learn to release the memory from the body, the dead weight we have been carrying around all this time that impedes our movement. Letting go.

The deep memories in stones also reveal useful secrets held in this planetary memory.

  • Action. Movement without doubt.  Decisiveness.   Instinctive knowledge.  Cutting through.  Wisdom without though.  How to sense the situation, know the person, feel the solution. 

Animals as teachers of the natural abilities in the body – sight, taste. smell, touch, hearing.  How to sharpen our senses.

  • Human intelligence. The enlightened human teachers in whatever form that has for you, be is an established religious or philosophical well-known form or any other name that your evolved human intelligence manifests in your experience. Sometimes these guides have no name they are just felt. How do we connect with these teachers and how can our human consciousness evolve?

Online Shamanic Course methods.

The course consists of one seminar per month and one zoom call per month.  The seminar will be posted on a private facebook group.  Each seminar will contain a practise of a minimum of one hour.  This practise time can be split up into two half hour periods if necessary.  It is also possible to devote more than one hour to the practise.  The seminar will have a date of transmission but will be recorded and so available to you when you feel ready.  The zoom call is a group call in which the facilitator answers questions and there is a chance to share your experience.   The zoom call will also be recorded.  There will also be ongoing internet feedback. 

Who is this course for?

This course if for anyone who wishes to develop their clarity, their vision, their healing and their creativity.  In general it has appealed to the following types –

  • People in all types of employment - business people, managers, professionals, employers or employees.  The course will develop your ability to clear the mind, to make informed decisions, and to clarify the vision of your business or job.
  • For healers, new or established, who wish to develop new techniques of self-healing and healing others.  The course will complement your existing healing abilities, or for those who are starting on this path, offer a clear map on how to manage the huge and powerful universal healing energies.  There is also the option for those who wish to enter into a more committed two year training.
  • Seers who wish to develop their vision.
  • For artists, musicians, writers, dancers who wish to remember their deepest inspiration and rekindle their creative fire.  Creativity is such an essential aspect of this path, and whether you identify as a professional artist or not, you will be exploring your powers of personal expression in forms that will help you discover more profoundly who you really are.

The online shamanic teaching course is also the perfect preparation for the annual two or three week Mexico desert retreat (from 31st October 2021).

It is also the first part of the two year Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training.  Please enquire for more information.

Online shamanic teaching course facilitator.

Daniel Stone.  I have been teaching courses like these now for 25 years.  For 20 years I have been giving retreats at my centre in the desert of Mexico.  Also I have giving shorter retreats in Europe, and the U.S. and journeys to Bolivia.  More recently I have been entering into businesses and building bridges between the wide open desert spaces and the office, the factory, the workshop, and the artist studio.  This is what my intent is in this internet course.  It doesn’t matter where you are, my experience has been that the wisdom of the desert and the great spiritual lessons apply to everyone.

I balance my teaching work with life as a painter and performing musician.   You can find out more about the work and a more extensive biography on the two websites. and  Also, there are books published.  The one which applies most to this course is The Dreamer Who Dreams You published by Axis Mundi press. 

Cost and payment methods.

The cost of the six-month online shamanic teaching course is £300

You can pay by Paypal using the link on this page.  If you are in the UK or Mexico, you can pay directly to a bank account, just ask for the account details for that country.  Other means of transferring money are through Transferwise, or bank transfers.

If you have any questions about this course, please write to Daniel Stone at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

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