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Practical Intuitive Shamanic Initiations

Toltec and world spiritual traditions.

Chu-Ra, Yei Malinali, Estefany Ruiz Gordinez, 'El Paco' Ramirez and others

Teotihuacan and the Wirrikuta, Mexico.

October 31st-November 20th 2020 (two, three week options)

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Soul Healing.

A five month internet explorative adventure into who you are, why you are here, where you came from and where you are going.

July 1st untill October 20th 2020

We explore inside these five modules. -

  • What is soul to you?

         Where did you come from originally?

  • What or who is your tribe that accompanies you?
  • Why did you come to this planet and into this body in particular?

Do you have a particular mission or purpose in this body and on this planet?

  • How do I change my life so that it is more aligned with my soul journey?
  • What happens to my soul when I die?

What and where is home?

In each module, we also ask –

How do the answers to these questions affect my work, my relationships, my art, my health, my home?

In each session, there are a series of teachings from world spiritual traditions.   We relate these teachings to whatever your world view happens to be – Shamanic, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, atheist, agnostic or any other historical or contemporary belief.

After teaching, there is an exercise or ‘ceremony’.  The ceremony is an action with clear intent.  This practice becomes the basis from which your questions are answered. 

In this course, we make the following assumptions -

You are wise.

You have all the answers you need in your being.

All I can do is help you to read your own information and obtain your own answers.

The practices - your experience - will reveal the answers.

In each of the modules, we are looking at how to make your discoveries useful and directly applicable to your daily life.  When the answers to these questions begin to manifest, you will experience more -



Clear vision.

No doubt



Creative inspiration



There are two sessions each month.  The first session is the teaching and the practise.  The second session two weeks later may also be a practise as well as your questions that arise from the practises and for feedback on your experiences.  Each session is between one hour and one and a half hours.  The sessions will be live and will also be recorded for your reference. 

The cost of the five-month experience is US$250 (£200) if paid in full, or $60 (£50) a month which can be paid via subscription.  To take part in this experience you will need one hour a day for the practise.  This can if necessary be divided into two half-hour periods. 

To book on this retreat, you can pay from this page.  If you prefer, you can make a transfer to a UK or Mexico bank account.  Please email for this information Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

The facilitator

Daniel Stone was born of Jewish parents who converted to Roman Catholicism.  His adult quest took him into the worlds of Buddhism and Shamanism.  The core of his initiations took place over a ten year period of travel and learning with tribes and in temples.  In 2000 he established the Centre of the Conscious Dream in the desert of Mexico and he has been giving retreats there and worldwide.  Daniel is interested in a spiritual quest without labels, and his latest book explores the links between world spirituality, science, work (business) and healing.  (12 Harmonic Resolutions published by Circle). Daniel is also a practicing artist giving exhibitions and concerts worldwide.  His websites are and

As soon as you book your place, please make sure you are a friend on facebook.  You will then be invited to join the closed group for the course.  For any questions, please write to Daniel Stone Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. 

Practical Intuitive Shamanic training

The 12 keys
One or two year internet training.

Internet training.

The internet course is designed for the following participants –

Anyone who wishes to improve their ability to make clear informed decisions at work and at home.  
Anyone who wishes to develop a clearer idea of who they are and why they are here on this planet Earth.
Healers who wish to develop shamanic healing as part of their core skill base.
Artists, writers, musicians, dancers, who with to develop their creative fire.
Business people and project coordinators who wish to clarify their vision and develop their sense of how to bring their vision into manifestation.  

The first year is for anyone who is working on themselves, their creativity and their projects.  The second year is for those who wish to develop healing others in a professional capacity, those who wish to develop the practical applications of what they have learnt in their working or creative environment.  

How it works.

The course has twelve sections.  Each section has a particular practice.  You will need to commit minimum one hour a day for this practice.  You can also extend the practice to more time or ask for further practices.  The information is given by email.  The email communication will also be used to answer questions that arise from the seminar and from the practices of the previous month.  

Course description - The dreaming body.
The dreaming body is a Toltec term, but it is also related to the Australian Aboriginal tradition and Tibetan Budhism (Bon shamanism).  The dreaming body is the means through which we extend from the physical body and communicate with all other energies – the elements, trees, rocks, animals, other humans, the planet earth, sun, moon, stars, universe.  There is no limit to how far the dreaming body can extend, and unlike the physical body, it can change form to adapt into all times and spaces.  When we have conscious control over our dreaming body, we have conscious control over our creative and healing potentials.  We have the perspective to make informed decisions, and we are in the position to make major intuitive steps in our lives with the assurance of a deep inner knowing.
The dreaming body operates 24 hours, day and night.  Life as a continuous dream of the One Mind, to use a Buddhist term.  On touching the highest creative intelligence, we wake up in the dream of our lives and become the co-creators with the same divine intelligence that created us.  To access this level of luminosity, we look at the fluid relation between the dream of the night and the dream of the day.  We also look at how to perceive the crystalline clarity present in the languages of our dreaming body that are expressed through all our senses.
The 12 keys
These 12 keys are practical methods to open the dreaming body with very practical applications in our daily lives, no matter what your occupation.  The 12 techniques derive from the meanings of the 12 numbers, the 12 sounds in the musical chromatic scale, the 12 colours of the colour wheel, and the 12 positions in the medicine wheel.  When all of the 12 directions are mastered, the doorways to the Sacred Geometry in the number 12 are opened revealing the essential principal of harmonic vibration in the universal song.  This harmonic vibration enables us to make clear balanced decisions, to heal ourselves, to heal others, and to liberate our creative fire.
Outline of the 12 keys.
The practices include meditation, subtle movement and ceremony.  We use the word ceremony as meaning conscious action.  We involve your creative expression in whichever form you choose in order to ground the dreaming you receive.  The opening of the dreaming body will also include connecting with the elements, plants, trees, rocks, animal guides, human teachers of the dream, the planet earth, the sun, the moon and the star.  
 One.  North.  White. C-note.   Element of Air.  

Making space in the mind.  Nothing will change or move until there is space to make the change and to make the movement.  If the mind is full and congested, then we are stuck.  The breath is the magical tool which we use to extend from the physical body into the dreaming body.   In this month, we learn how to consciously control the breath in order to clear the mind, and in order to begin to sense the relation between the dreaming body and the physical body.  Also this month, we begin to look at the relationship between the dream of the night and the dream of the day.  We will look at how you can remember your dreams at night, and how you can understand their language.  What is the relation between being conscious in your dreaming of the night, and being conscious in your dreaming of the day?  These are ongoing questions which will be addressed each month.  

Two. North north east.  Silver.  C#-note.  The butterfly.  

The space that we made in the first month can now move into the body.  The body learns to move in space without design or control, and this gets us in touch again with a sense of freedom.  In the subtle movements there is the possibility to understand how the movement of the physical body is directed by your thoughts, visions, feelings, and how your thoughts, visions and feelings are directed by your physical body.  In this month also we begin to work with the medicine wheel, the balance of air, fire, earth, and water - mind, spirit, body and emotion.  

Three.   North east east.  Gold.   D-note.  Quartz Crystal.  

Ceremony of the first form, the first intent.  We look at the origins of your soul, the spark of your life, the moment that many shamanic traditions call ‘your star’, or the Totecs call – your first intent.  By returning to this level of pristine clarity in your own consciousness, you connect with the vibration of ‘no-doubt’, the place without question.  In this place, you are totally clear about your purpose and direction.  So, we bring this crystalline clarity into your body to ‘remind’ you of the original intent that has been lost in lives and deaths of interference.  

Four. East.  Yellow. D#-note.

In your journey from your star to the earth, you passed through many times and spaces in the Hunab-Ku, the double spiral, the Mayan symbol of time.   You came to this solar system.  Why?  There are many solar systems, why this one?  There is something particular for you to learn here, and in this month’s practice we listen to the sun and open to the solar mysteries of light.  We look at how to use the phenomenal power of solar energy in your life, how to generate your creativity and inspiration.  

Five.  South east east.  Orange.  E-note.  Trees.  

We look at how trees can teach and help you to open your dreaming body to experience the double spiral.  The trees can centre your expanded consciousness, which is a safe way to open to your mulit-dimensionality.  Mastering multi-dimensionality enables multi-tasking, the ability to make clear decisions under pressure, and the instinctive creative flow.
Six.  South south east.  Red.  F- note.  Blood.  Animals.  

This section looks at relationships, how to make correct alignments and how to recognise incorrect alignments.  We open to animals as guides to our instinct.  There is a sensitizing to this instinctive ability to know which leads to authentic alignments in personal relationships, working relationships and team building.  There is also an opening to a wider sense of our universal ‘tribe’, which some people call ‘soul group’, and our blood contract with our tribe.
Seven. . South.  Brown.  Element of Earth.  F#- note.  Rocks.  

Rocks are the bones of the planet.  We look at how to read the memory in the rocks, the cellular memory of the planet, and from there how to read the cellular memory in our bones.  We can’t know who we are until we know what we are holding.  This will enable us to find balance in body, learning to centre within extremes of mood temperatures, staying grounded within chaos, dealing calmly with pressure situations.  You would overcome the fear of chaos to the point where chaos becomes a useful energy that can be transformed into art, or work, or play.
Eight.   South south west.  Violet. G-note.  Flowers.  

This is the place in the wheel where we learn the art of acceptance.  Finding peace in mind and body with what is.  If we cannot appreciate the beauty in just being, we are truly lost.  In this month no matter what our circumstances are, we look at how to find acceptance in the moment.  Flowers will help to do this.  In essence, this creates time, creates space, slows down the mind, levels off anxiety, and enables us to be very clear and calm in the decisions we have to make.  

Nine. South west west.  Indigo.   G#-note   Insects and birds.  Dance.  

The dreaming body opens to many influences – the elements, trees and plants, flowers, rocks, animals.  How can the physical body successfully digest all these energies, keeping what is useful and discarding what is not useful?.  In this ‘meeting your spirit world’ in your body, there is a 'dance' in which the spirits of which you have been conscious and not conscious, make themselves known to you.  We learn how to acknowledge the teacher.  We learn how to release, clear, and clean the unwanted and potentially destructive forces.
Ten. West.  Blue.  A-note.  Element of Water.  

Our cells are dying and new cells are giving birth all the time.  In our lives we are in constant transformation.  Bringing this natural flow of death and life into our conscious lives, we open to death as transformation from one form into another.  We open to the necessary deaths that need to take place now in your body, your home and your work.  Making space for the new.

Eleven.  North west west.  Green.  Plants.  A-#-note.  

The dreaming body is now ready to open to the planet earth, the great teacher on which we wake, and sleep.  We look at how to open to the Earth as our teacher, and how to align our human bodies with this planetary body so that our decisions, relations, work, and play are in alignment with the planetary consciousness.  When this takes place, there is a much greater sense of ease, there is no need to struggle, as you can now walk with a huge and powerful ally in your life.

Twelve.  North north west.  Black.  B-note.  Owl or Crow.  

The twelve is the place of the seed of time, it is the place when you can see potential futures.  This month is the ending part of this cycle, and the doorway you traveled to offers the chance to change.  You meet the dreamer who dreams you.  You become the co-creator of your dream with your own divine creator.  Response-ability.  Re-designing the dream of your life.  This works on all levels – your personal life, your creative life, your work, your business, your vision.  


The cost of the course is £450 (US$610) for each six month period.

For further information, write to Daniel Stone.  Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

Loving the exercises  -  simple yet so powerful. I am so grateful to have found you and excited to be working with you!

Robyn, Atlanta, U.S.