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Universal Shamanism
The 12 directions
Desert of San Luis Potosi. Mexico.
18 Abril – 2/9 Mayo. (2 and 3 week options) 2019

July.  Scotland.  The number 12.   Harmonic Resolutions in work, science, spirituality and healing. 
Crystalline intelligence initiation. 
Song of the Earth and song of the sky.  Concert. 
The same events also -

July/August.  Spain.    

August.  Lithuania.   

September/October.  Australia.  Special journey to Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. 

November.  Mexico.  Desert retreat.  Toltec Universal Vision.  

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with Arbolita Pashak

• Healing with the elements: Air, Fire, Earth, Water.

In this consultation guidance is given for the treatment of physical, emotional or energetic illnesses.  The basis of the healing is the balancing and strengtherning of the four basic elements that form our bodies:  earth, water, air, fire.  The consultation uses the following techniques.
• Medicinal plants (Earth) :
Plants have a function to balance the earth planetary body, cleaning, purifying and transforming energies that harm it.  It is the same with the human body.  Plants have chemical properties that help to treat and prevent any illness.  The aplication of the plant may be internal or external depending on the condition being treated.      
• COLOUR THERAPY (water, air, fire)  (agua, aire, fuego):
These elements are formers and transformers of the universe and Colour therapy has been developed with the help of the colours of the rainbow for the healing of humans.
The process is to use solarised water and air with a colour of the rainbow specific to the illness.  We relate the rainbow with the chakras, which are the natrual energetic centres of the body.  We open our body to receive water and air with the clear intent which is given to us by the sun and by the colour.
By using insence, oils, and copal, we work energetically with our body, but also with the places where we pass our time (dreams, house, office, car etc.  )
This is the more advanced aspect of the healing, and depending on the process of the individual, we go deeper into the methods related to the energies of the universe.
For further information, please write to Arbolita Pashak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.