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Toltec Universal Vision. Mexico Desert Retreat.
A Practical Intuitive Shamanic Initiation
Chu-Ra, Yei Malinali, Estefany Ruiz Gordinez, 'El Paco' Ramirez and others
Teotihuacan and the Wirrikuta, Mexico.
November 18th-December 9th 2017 (two, three week options)
This powerful experience can be taken on its own or as part of the Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training.

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Ea is a crystal carver and sweat lodge leader. He has trained in both Mexican and North American tradition, and has a particular interest in the Mayan legacies and the crystal skulls, Some of this information was included in the "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls" book published by Thorsons. He runs his own tipi village at Amatlan where he holds ceremonies and workshops for groups around the world.